Here is a selection of many of the parts manufactured at Petrolia Plastics Inc.

All of the images shown can be clicked on in order to view a larger image of the part.


Taken from the inventors original drawings, this amazing product was CAD designed from the part model down through to the molds by Petrolia Plastics.

Airplay Face Plate

The Airplay face plate is the pinnacle of InMold Decorative Capability.   Produced using a full-color IMD process, the graphic complexity and quality of the part is unmatched.

Translucent Blue RX

An alternate configuration of a customers existing part molded using a translucent blue resin.  This clamshell was constructed to exacting standards and the tools are of the highest quality.


The entire AlphaShield plastic enclosure was designed, prototyped and built by Petrolia including the InMold Decorated top cover.  This Internet security device exhibits superb quality and appearance.

Full-Size Face Plate

Designed as a full-size telephone face plate, this part shows off one of our larger InMold Decorated parts.

Feature Set

Used in the hugely popular Nortel Meridian line of telephones.  This part was originally screen printed but is now InMold Decorated to reduce production costs.

Industrial Products

Petrolia produces a wide variety of industrial products for a broad range of industries.

6-Hole Cell Plate

This cell phone face plate is produced in several different configurations and is screen printed in-house.

Laser Tag Gun Cover

Utilizing one of the most complex parting lines ever, this part is molded from a flexible elastomer and is used to cover a laser tag gun.  It is used to help protect the user from the hard plastic shell underneath.

Microchip ICD 2

This innovative and functional product design also needed innovative visual appeal.  The result was this IMD enclosure for Microchip Technology Inc.  You can learn more about the ICD 2 here.

Microchip ICE 4000

Microchip Technology Inc. wanted a cutting edge design to match their powerful, full featured real-time In-Circuit Emulator.  The result was this enclosure and IMD top plate.  Learn more about the ICE 4000 here.

Medical Pressure Pad

Produced to exacting standards, this medical grade plastic pad was engineered to meet strict demands for part quality using carefully selected medical grade resin.

Remington Shaver Plate

Two of several InMold Decorated models produced in large volumes for the popular Remington Triple Foil shaver line.

Satellite Lens

This lens is manufactured using a 2-stage, robot assisted process because it requires a part thickness that is normally impossible to achieve without distorting the part.

SOS Clamshell

All plastic components of this assembly is molded in-house under strict ISO-9001 quality control. 

Square Set

Another popular InMold Decorated lens used in Nortel's Meridian phone sets.   These have been produced in the millions while adhering to tight optical and printing specifications.

Automotive Antenna Assy

This QS9000 compliant, 4-piece antenna assembly is part of 14 different automotive products produced by Petrolia.  This part conforms to ultra-tight specifications and has "Class A" visual characteristics.

Vista 100 Phone Plate

Another InMold Decorated phone set part also produced within very tight specifications and large quantities while adhering to our strict ISO-9001 guidelines.

V200 Phone Plate

This InMold Decorated part is used in one of the popular Nortel Vista/Maestro phone sets sold across North America and the world.  These parts have been produced in massive quantities.

Terminal Face Plate

This face plate was designed as a functional and decorative control panel plate for a computer terminal.  The use of InMold Decoration allowed the customer to illuminate the various icons and text using light pipes.

Automotive Antenna Cover

The automotive industry requires extremely tight specifications.  This part not only has to look perfect, but be dimensionally exact as well to house the electronics inside.


All types of CAD/CAM or artwork files can be accommodated. File and media types supported by Petrolia are listed below. Arrangements can be made, upon request, to transfer formats of electronic information not included in this list.

File Formats:

CAD/CAM File Formats IGES Initial Graphics Interchange Specification (.igs, .iges)

DXF Autocad Drawing Interchange File (.dxf)

VDA VDA Surface Interface (.vda)

PTC Pro/Engineer Neutral File (.neu)

SLA Stereo Lithography File (.sla, write only)

SAT ACIS (.sat)

PFM Native Cimatron File (.pfm)

Artwork from most illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw!, can also be accepted, as well as other applications that support Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) files.

Media Formats:

DAT DDS-1 & DDS-2 (Unix)

DAT DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3 (Windows NT)

3.5" & 5.25" Diskette (Any platform)

100MB and 250MB Zip Disk(PC or Mac)

CD-ROM (Any platform)

1/4" Cartridge (Unix)

Mac Diskette (High Density)

Petrolia can also retrieve files sent via email or anonymous FTP.

Archive & Compression Formats:

PK-ZIP (.zip)

GNUzip[gzip] (.gz)

TAR (.tar)

Unix "compress" (.Z)

Uuencoded (.uue)

Mac BinHex or Stuffit (hqx,sit)

ARJ, LHA & ARC (.arj, .lha, .arc)