Whether you require ten thousand parts or ten million, Petrolia is ready to meet your needs and can scale operations to meet virtually any capacity.  We have nine injection molding machines that range from 80 to 200 Tons.  This allows Petrolia to produce a wide range of parts for our clients.  Our molding machines are maintained to a very high standard and come fully equipped with foil devices, pickers and robotics.  Petrolia runs multi-cavity tools with production volumes in the millions of parts per year.  Petrolia Plastics Inc. is in a position to purchase more diverse molding machines if the capacity is needed.


Petrolia Plastics Inc. production facility allows for round-the-clock production of all customer parts.  Our facilities include a wide range of injection molding presses to accommodate the production of small to medium parts.  Petrolia's quality control and testing equipment and procedures also gives us excellent flexibility for meeting our customer's strict quality control requirements. Everything is done to ISO-9001 standards.

Edmonton is also a hub city for all major truck and rail companies. Highly specialized intermodal services offer international shippers and trading companies assured access to worldwide container service.


Petrolia Plastics Inc. employs a full set of plastics printing equipment to meet the decorative needs of its customers.  Screen printing and Tampo printing have been used at Petrolia for years to produce appealing products at a relatively low cost or to provide custom printing in lower volumes.

For more elaborate designs, or cost-effective part decoration for higher volumes and specialized applications, check the section on InMold Decorating


All types of CAD/CAM or artwork files can be accommodated. File and media types supported by Petrolia are listed below. Arrangements can be made, upon request, to transfer formats of electronic information not included in this list.

File Formats:

CAD/CAM File Formats IGES Initial Graphics Interchange Specification (.igs, .iges)

DXF Autocad Drawing Interchange File (.dxf)

VDA VDA Surface Interface (.vda)

PTC Pro/Engineer Neutral File (.neu)

SLA Stereo Lithography File (.sla, write only)

SAT ACIS (.sat)

PFM Native Cimatron File (.pfm)

Artwork from most illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw!, can also be accepted, as well as other applications that support Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) files.

Media Formats:

DAT DDS-1 & DDS-2 (Unix)

DAT DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3 (Windows NT)

3.5" & 5.25" Diskette (Any platform)

100MB and 250MB Zip Disk(PC or Mac)

CD-ROM (Any platform)

1/4" Cartridge (Unix)

Mac Diskette (High Density)

Petrolia can also retrieve files sent via email or anonymous FTP.

Archive & Compression Formats:

PK-ZIP (.zip)

GNUzip[gzip] (.gz)

TAR (.tar)

Unix "compress" (.Z)

Uuencoded (.uue)

Mac BinHex or Stuffit (hqx,sit)

ARJ, LHA & ARC (.arj, .lha, .arc)