InMold decorating (IMD) for plastic components is only available through a handful of companies in North America who have the expertise required to handle this exacting process.  Using IMD, molding and decorating are combined in a single process which results in a high-quality and visually-impressive product.  IMD molds are both designed and manufactured in-house and registration to 0.2 mm is available.  Production is carried out in a climate-controlled "clean-room" to ensure consistency in the performance of molds, plastics and IMD foils.


1.       Injection molding and decoration in only one step

IMD can be adapted to many different decoration requirements

Very high abrasion and chemical resistance achieved by special hard coating

Continuous image transfers with high positioning tolerances (up to +/- 0.2 mm)

Simply changing IMD foil rolls allow for easy design variations

A wide variety of design possibilities including metallized surfaces like chrome and aluminum, woodgrains, multi-color, or 4-color process and half-tone decoration.


1.        1. IMD Foil Placement

The InMold foil is fed by a foil-feeding device and sensor-positioned over the mold cavity.  The foil image is then clamped in place in between the mold halves.

2.        2. Injection Molding

The mold closes and hot plastic is injected into the mold.   The molding process causes the foil image to be permanently transferred onto the plastic part.

3.        3. Part Ejection

The mold opens, and the part is ejected out of the mold in its finished form.  The foil-feeding device automatically positions the next foil image for another molding shot.

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All types of CAD/CAM or artwork files can be accommodated. File and media types supported by Petrolia are listed below. Arrangements can be made, upon request, to transfer formats of electronic information not included in this list.

File Formats:

CAD/CAM File Formats IGES Initial Graphics Interchange Specification (.igs, .iges)

DXF Autocad Drawing Interchange File (.dxf)

VDA VDA Surface Interface (.vda)

PTC Pro/Engineer Neutral File (.neu)

SLA Stereo Lithography File (.sla, write only)

SAT ACIS (.sat)

PFM Native Cimatron File (.pfm)

Artwork from most illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw!, can also be accepted, as well as other applications that support Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) files.

Media Formats:

DAT DDS-1 & DDS-2 (Unix)

DAT DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3 (Windows NT)

3.5" & 5.25" Diskette (Any platform)

100MB and 250MB Zip Disk(PC or Mac)

CD-ROM (Any platform)

1/4" Cartridge (Unix)

Mac Diskette (High Density)

Petrolia can also retrieve files sent via email or anonymous FTP.

Archive & Compression Formats:

PK-ZIP (.zip)

GNUzip[gzip] (.gz)

TAR (.tar)

Unix "compress" (.Z)

Uuencoded (.uue)

Mac BinHex or Stuffit (hqx,sit)

ARJ, LHA & ARC (.arj, .lha, .arc)